Mo... Wedding

This Wedding was our all time favorite wedding... Here's why:

To this day after +700 weddings later, I have never worked with a better Wedding Planner (a great planner will make a world of a difference). From the room setup, scheduling, to coordinating between vendors and clients she took care of it all and let me do my job with no worries. More importantly, this spry 83yr old planner knew what the clients wanted and moved things around to fit their needs rather than fitting to the planned itinerary. So many things from the beauty of the venue, to the easy going nature of the bride and groom, to the guests, etc had this reception at #1.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY the bride and groom took my advice, which was to stay on the dance floor as long as they wanted their guests to stay... And dance they did, all 300 of them... all 4 hours of it!

If you would like to call or meet in person to interview one of our DJs, click here to contact us.

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