Sumo Sounds DJ top 5 favorite weddings we got to dj

Congratulations!  We understand how important wedding is for you, so it's a priority for us to help make it the best it could be.  

We believe every wedding is unique and should be treated with the utmost care.  We NEVER come to a wedding with a playlist because every crowd is different.  Our mixes are custom catered to your guests from the moment they walk in.  


If you want the most memorable experience for your guests, you'll want Sumo Sounds behind the soundboard and turntables. Our team has over 2,000 events under our belt with the best DC,MD, and VA has to offer. From the beaches of Hawaii, the mountains of West Virginia, to the glamorous Willard Intercontinental we've been there and we'll be there for you.  (CLICK HERE FOR A FREE QUOTE)

Who We Are

We take pride in working WITH you and not just FOR you to cultivate a better experience for the guests.  We help create memories, not playlists.

wedding guests dancing at one of our top 5 weddings to dj
bride and groom dancing at one of our top 5 weddings to dj
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What's included in every Package:

  1. At least three hours of performance time

  2. Includes setup and tear down time

  3. All of the equipment needed for weddings of up to 300 guests.

  4. Wireless microphones for reception speeches.

  5. All of the music you request before the day of event.

  6. Access to your DJ via email, cell phone, or in-person meeting throughout the entire planning process.

  7. The most reliable backup system in the industry.

We want to know a little bit about your wedding! Fill in a quote form for a custom quote below.


We require a 50% non-refundable down payment with the contract to blackout the date so there won't be competing clients bidding for that same date. 


For weddings on weekdays or national holidays, weddings with more than 300 guests, or for corporate events, please contact us directly for adjusted rates and availability.